🇬🇧 Jelgava Canoe Trip in Illuminated Canoes – Event Description

Jelgava 🛶 Canoes invites you to a romantic 💖 evening canoe trip in beautifully illuminated, amber-lit, elegant canoes with genuine mahogany finishes, wooden paddles, and a carpeted interior like on large cruise ships. 🚢

🌞 Onboard elegant, illuminated ✨ canoes, enjoy a peaceful evening 🌿, watch the sunset 🌅 with wild horses. In the heart of Jelgava, admire the city’s nightscape 🌉 with illuminated waterfalls, Jelgava Lighthouse, and the Tea House’s dazzling ✨ party ship. 🚢

✨ Evening Highlights:

  • Experience the unique ambience of paddling in beautifully ✨ illuminated canoes, enhancing the charm of the evening. 💝💕
  • Enjoy a peaceful evening watching the 🌅 sunset with wild horses.
  • Witness the city’s 🌉 nightscape in the heart of Jelgava, featuring lit waterfalls, Jelgava ✨ Lighthouse, and the Tea House’s dazzling party ship.

📋 Trip Plan:

  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Starting and Ending Point: Pasta Island Rowing Base (Pasta sala 3, Jelgava).
  • Route Length: 7 km.

📌 Arrival:

  • Arrive 1 hour 40 minutes before 🌅 sunset.
  • 🚗  Parking: Between Liela Street and Pilssalas Street.
  • 🌍 Parking Location
  • 🚶🏻‍♂️  Walk: 350 m, 10 min to Pasta Island Rowing Base, towards the Open-Air Stage.
  • 🚾  Facilities: Café “Pilsētas elpa” at the end of the pedestrian bridge (toilet: €0.50). Free toilets are near the beach and sand sculpture area.

📌 Rowing Base Entrance:

  • From the Open-Air Stage side, before the tall grey tent, on the left, there will be a gate with a red coffee machine.
  • 🌍  Arrival Location
  • ✅ Preparation: 20 min for equipment distribution, technical briefing, and boarding the canoes.
  • A support boat with an experienced crew will accompany the trip.

📌 Route:

🛶 4 km, 1 hour: Canoeing around Pasta Island, past Jelgava Palace to Pilssala Viewing Tower.

🌄 20 min: Sunset viewing break with tea and cake at Pilssala Viewing Tower.

🛶 3.7 km, 1 hour: Canoeing from the Viewing Tower towards the Palace, through the canal to Governor’s Island. Returning to the Driksa River, pass the lit waterfalls, turn around at the Open-Air Stage, canoe towards Jelgava Lighthouse, and head right on Lielupe River to the rowing base dock.

📌 Conclusion:

  • ✅ 10 min: Return equipment, end of event, and walk back to the parking area.

🌦 Weather Forecast:

🌤  9-day Forecast

🌤  Hourly Forecast

✅ Registration:

🛶 Canoes Available: 6 canoes with 3 seats (up to 240 kg), 3 canoes with 4 seats (up to 320 kg). Slimmer individuals can sit together on the middle seats if the total weight limit is observed.

👉🏻 Registration Form: Fill out the form on the event page for the desired date.

📌  If all canoes are booked, join the waiting list, and we will notify you if a canoe becomes available.

📌 If you are booking multiple canoes, please fill out a separate registration form for each canoe. Before registering the next canoe, you need to reload the page to make the form available again.


The participation fee for the event consists of a fee for the canoe and a fee per person.

  • Canoe Rental:
    • 3-seat canoe (up to 240 kg) – €25.
    • 4-seat canoe (up to 320 kg) – €30.
  • Participation Fee:
    • Adults – €6 per person.
    • Children under 12 – €3.


  • By bank transfer.
  • Cash payments on-site will incur an additional €2 charge.

Bank Transfer Details:

  • Recipient: SIA “Purva Pasaule”
  • Reg. No.: 40203402974
  • Address: Uzvaras 7-30, Jelgava, LV-3001
  • Bank: AS “SEB banka”
  • Account: LV54UNLA0055003044733
  • Note: Include the name of the person the canoe is reserved for, and the location, date, and time of the trip.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Reschedule or receive a refund if you cancel at least 2 hours before the trip starts.

Contact Information:

  • Atis Luguzs, Jelgava Canoe Event Manager:

We look forward to welcoming you to Jelgava Canoes and sharing this wonderful experience with you. Let the beauty of Jelgava ignite your senses and create memories that will last a lifetime.